General house PEst CONTROL

Do you have critters crawling where they don’t belong?  

We not only take care of your lawn, but can also take care of those pests that are bugging you!

These are some examples of the primary pestS,
but unfortunately plenty more thrive in our Florida environment:


“Within and on the surface of their bodies, cockroaches carry bacteria that can cause salmonella, staphlylococcus and streptococus if deposited in food. Additionally, cockroach feces, skin sheddings and saliva can cause asthma and allergies, especially in children.”

United States Environmental Protection Agency


“Ants are nuisance pests around the home because they feed on and contaminate human foods, infest structures by nesting in wall voids and/or underneath kitchen sinks and other places, and build unsightly mounds in lawns and other landscapes.”

University of Florida


“They carry diseases that are health hazards to both human and domestic animals—diseases such as Typhus Fever, Trichinosis, plague, infectious jaundice, Salmonella and rat mite dermatitis.”

Texas A&M